My obscure computing collection

I've been working with computers since the 3rd grade (to date myself, that's 1980). I started out on a Bell+Howell edition Apple ][+ with 48k of RAM. That's a lot of RAM to some old timers, and back then, it was for me, too. I wrote my first programs in AppleBasic. I got my own Apple //e in 1985 and spent a lot of time adding on to it and hacking software and BBSs in my hometown (you are aware that there were such things as dial-in BBSs, aren't you?) I went to college in 1990 with my first home-built PC disaster. The company I bought the motherboard brankrupted shortly after my purchase, and it never really worked right. I learned a lot of things from that machine. Shortly after starting at NCSU, I learned that there was a thing called UNIX (more specifically, Ultrix). Since that time, I've been mostly a UNIX bigot, but I've tried to be operating system agnostic. Just pay me. ;-)

Page disclaimer: though this is really geeky stuff, I am not a geek. I am fortunate to be employed in a field that was once a hobby, and that hasn't totally ruined my enthusiasm for it (yet).

Currently, the collection consists of:

Some odd stuff that I've had: Some of the things I do with all this hardware
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