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2006 Kawasaki Concours

I bought the last model year of the Concours in 2006. With the prospect of more emission controls and worn-out tooling, Kawasaki decided to stop production of the venerable Concours after 20 years.

This bike is built for some serious mileage. With little effort, I did a day trip out to Kitty Hawk and back. The bags are awesome for day trips and commuting, since you can take a pair of walking shoes and store all your stuff to the point that no one knows you are on a bike. I added a top box from JC Whitney via a fabricated aluminum mount for the bottom plate. It's quite a match.

I'm a fairly light rider, so suspension setup was not a problem for me. I didn't get a lot of fork flex as some Concours riders complain about, so I never bothered to install the fork brace I bought. I did go for the GenMar bar risers, since the stretch across the tank was a bit much for me.