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    None. :-(
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My story

I began riding in college. At the urging of a good friend and roommate, I began the search to find my first bike. I always wanted to learn to ride, but somehow never really got off the sidelines to do it.

I bought my first bike from a true enthusiast in October of 1994. It was a 1990 Honda Hawk in really great shape. The seller had a bunch of bikes in his garage, so I felt that he was not the typical owner/abuser. The bike had been drilled for safety wire, but I found out later that it was a backup race bike, and never actually saw action.

After purchasing the bike with some creative financing, my friend rode the bike home for me. There, on the entrance road to our apartment complex, I attempted to learn to ride. I did several laps up and down the road, and the only real problem that I had was I forgot the clutch once and banged a hard first-to-second shift. Luckily, I was off the gas at the time, and it slipped into gear with little more than a disconcerting noise.

The next morning, I got up early and hit the streets to find gas. It was quite an adventure for me, and it probably took me 15 minutes to go the entire 5 miles. I was very cautious and took advantage of the Saturday morning traffic.

That's how my riding career began. Now, I own several bikes. The bug has spread, too. My father took the MSF-RSS with me, and he bought a 1982 Virago 750 out of a neighbors garage. He doesn't ride very often, but we have done a lot of work to that bike to get it running right.

Update: With a baby on the way, I've decided that I will take a hiaetus from motorcycling until my girl is a little older. I find that even now, I don't have the time to ride much, and without practice, every ride becomes a little more risky due to skill atrophy.