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1983 Yamaha Midnight Virago 920

I bought this bike in April of 1998 out of the owner's garage for $800, which included a service manual. It had not run in two years, but the owner had been careful enough to fill the gas tank completely and keep air in the tires. After loading it into a friends pick-up to get it home, it took me about 6 weeks to get the bike running well. In that time, I feel like I turned every bolt on that bike short of the engine internals, and checked every electrical connection. I rebuilt the forks after a few short miles (they really needed it). After that, I rode it about 500 miles over the next few months. It was a good bike, but I didn't like the age and sound of the starter (typical Virago rocks-in-the-starter sound). So, I sold the bike for $1500. Not a bad deal.